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Team Profiles

CORE TEAM - To achieve our objective we have recruited a key group of individual partners with the following criteria:

Profiles of our consultants

John Potter - Chief Executive and Principal Consultant

John has been in training and education for 35 years and has taught, facilitated, mentored and trained clients across both the public and private sectors. He is at ease talking to both individuals and groups and is comfortable with all types of learner. He always tries to listen with an open mind to everyone's point if view and he gives unwavering support and encouragement to colleagues, clients and candidates.

He is a successful team leader and team builder and thrives on the challenges of adult education, especially in the workplace. In addition to his proven academic ability he has the attributes and the skills to make the difficult seem easier. Allied to this is drive and enthusiasm and the often needed sense of humour and patience to deal with the learner who might be uncomfortable or afraid of the learning process.

He offers a very high level of commitment to his work, based on originality, levelheadedness, professionalism and the desire to see improvements in all of his charges. He has an ability to communicate to all types of learner and he loves nothing more than seeing people succeed in their chosen profession.

Current clients include:

His qualifications and accreditations include;

Martin Crawford - Consultant

Martin has very few peers as a trainer/ facilitator. His expertise ranges from facilitating, delivering, assessing, moderating and validating a wide range of courses, to developing and managing multiple solutions and programs for customers in tight timeframes. He is very adept at gaining, building and maintaining the trust and respect of small and large organisations. A former RTO manager and current industry consultant, he has a skill set and experience that few can match.

He is able to build strong repeat business relationships using his interpersonal skills, charm and down to earth approach. He is able to empathise with all types of learner due to his engaging nature, sense of fun and 'never say die' attitude.

He has extensive experience in the mining, transport, construction, hospitality, retail, and community sectors and has a wealth of clients in all areas of business. Although he has a highly qualified academic background, he is able to speak to the client and their employees in just the right way to get them to understand what is required and how to achieve it.

Current clients include:

 His qualifications and accreditations include;




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