Enrolment Policy and Procedure

Policy Statement

THE RTO will provide a transparent, informative enrolment process in order to gather required enrolment data and to ensure its courses are a good fit for enrolling students.
Responsible Person / Authority to Change
Chief Executive Officer
Link/s to Regulatory Requirements

Standards for RTOs 2015: Standard 5.


Information prior to enrolment will provide sufficient information about the course to enable potential students to determine whether this is the right course and the right RTO for them.

Marketing information on Training Worx’s website will be accurate and factual and clearly outline the course requirements in terms of competencies to be achieved, hours of attendance on course and an estimate of any commitment required to complete additional hours in the students’ own time.

Website instructions will invite potential students to submit an electronic expression of interest, after which they will be contacted to discuss their existing skills, knowledge and career aspirations and their reason for undertaking the course. A short literacy and numeracy assessment are available and may be used to confirm that the student has sufficient LLN skills to succeed in the course. Students who wish to proceed will be able to enrol. Private students will be provided with a 3-month payment plan.

The enrolment form requires completion by students of AVETMISS information and includes the mandated privacy statement regarding authorised use of personal information. The enrolment form also includes an agreement to be signed (or not) to allow use of any photos and videos recorded during training, or testimonials and feedback provided by students, in RTO marketing of future courses or on its website.

Student Records Management System
Enrolment information will be entered into NATFORGE SRMS, and each student USI will be validated via the software.

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  • Enrolment form
  • Pre-enrolment LLN evaluation
  • Student Handbook
  • Website
  • Marketing policy and procedure
  • Marketing Approval Checklist.

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