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Sally Farr,
Manager of Training and Learning Systems - Roy Hill

The Roy Hill Project is a 55 million ton per annum (Mtpa) iron ore mining, rail and port project being developed in West Australia’s Pilbara region.

Situated approximately 115 kilometers north of Newman, Roy Hill is a world-class, low phosphorus, Marra Mamba iron ore deposit located in the Pilbara – one of the world’s premier iron ore provinces – and the only independent iron ore project with West Australian majority ownership.

The Project consists of a:

  • Conventional open pit, bulk mining operation from multiple production benches

  • 55Mtpa wet processing plant

  • 344-kilometer single line, heavy haul railway

  • Purpose built, dedicated two berth iron ore port facility at Port Hedland, capable of receiving, stockpiling, screening and exporting 55Mtpa (wet) of direct shipped iron ore as lump and fines.

Roy Hill need to have the ability to train and verify as competent, the employee work force to achieve our business objectives.   The business operates a fit for purpose operation and at certain times of the year with the need to ‘ramp up’ our work force, the training department need to utilise the skills of those we employ to assist with training in the field, referred to as OJT’s – On-the Job-Trainers.

This required us to find an RTO to partner with, to not only provide the required skills sets for those identified as OJT’s but to also become an industry partner with Roy Hill.   Through not only our own team but other companies in the Perth market we were introduced to John Potter from Training Worx.  Training Worx provide us with up to date training information, work with us to upskill and continue to on skill those required to support this critical program of work.

Roy Hill have been partnering with John Potter - Training Worx since 2015 to deliver a suite of qualifications including:

  • Trainer Assessor Skill Set consisting of TAEASS401B / TAEASS402B / TAEASS403B / TAEDEL301A and TAEDEL404A

  • Trainer Assessor upgrade to TAE40116

to employees based both on-site in the Pilbara and Port Hedland but also here at the Remote Operations Centre in Perth. 

During the initial concept, John spent time with our training team, our internal customers to understand our requirements and help us build the successful program we have today. 

There are several suppliers in the market who could offer this solution however the uniqueness of Training Worx is their enthusiasm to deliver a range of qualifications, flexibility to meet our needs, a willingness to partner Roy Hill in the program design, both with content development and the delivery and assessment approach and key is the high-quality facilitation that John provides.

Many of our employees are quite daunted at the thought of taking on this level of training, however, John has a unique ability to put people at ease, talking to them in a language they understand to not only train, but coach them to achieve.

Johns ability to successfully train people to their fullest ability was recently showcased by our own Indigenous Trainer Kim Dick, who joined us back in 2016 as a Truck Operator looking to grow his skills as a Trainer Assessor.  Kim was selected as a finalist in the WA Training awards category WA Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Student of the Year 2017.   Kim was successful in winning the WA heat and will represent WA in Canberra in November. 

This is a great achievement not only for Kim but for Training Worx and Roy Hill, who joined in a partnership to see this young man achieve his full potential.

Throughout the partnership, Training Worx have consistently met our expectations with the quality of their facilitation. They have also demonstrated an active commitment to understanding some of our unique business challenges and continue to be flexible in developing training solutions that not only achieve the qualification outcome but help us to make progress on our business goals. 

I would (and have) recommended Training Worx to others who wish to achieve the same outcomes.I look forward to working with John as we continue to ‘grow and develop our people’ to achieve our vision “To be a high performing iron ore business where people contribute and realise their full potential”.

Margaret Glover,
VET and Workplace Learning Co-ordinator - Ocean Reef Senior High School

I have known John Potter, TrainingWorx for the past 10 years.  I previously worked at an RTO School, Thornlie SHS, where John provides his services. The VET Coordinator and I were very impressed with the high level of professionalism and support John delivered to the school and the way he presented his knowledge to the trainers. John was able to present the information in such a way that the teachers could easily understand what was expected of them.   

When I moved to Ocean Reef SHS, the school did not have in place a contact person for delivering training to their VET trainers.  I mentioned to the VET Coordinator in 2013 that John Potter, from TrainingWorx, was able to provide Professional Development (PD) and training for teachers delivering certificate courses. John was then contacted and since then he has provided PD to VET trainers on currency, competency and compliance requirements for delivery and assessment of training packages.

John has also trained at least six staff members in the full qualification for TAE40110 Training and Assessment, up-skilled 10 trainers in the TAELLN411 unit of competency and is booked in to deliver the TAEASS502 unit later this year.

The benefits of having John Potter as a contact for delivering training to staff at Ocean Reef SHS have been fantastic.  John’s wealth of knowledge and experience in the VET industry has made it easy for me to have built up trust and confidence in his ability to train the VET trainers with the necessary skills required to successfully deliver training to their students.

John has presented PD to groups of VET staff on site, on pupil free days and he has also fitted in with individual trainers schedules either during school time or in their own time, after school.   John is always very friendly and his relaxed approach to delivery and assessment makes the trainers feel confident to want to complete their training. 

John is always willing to do whatever is best to meet the needs of his clients, which is a pretty unique way of solving any problems they may have.

In summary, I am very happy with the level of service that Ocean Reef Senior High School receives from John Potter from TrainingWorx.  I have no hesitation in recommending John Potter from TrainingWorx to colleagues from other schools. The previous VET Coordinator has recently moved to another school, Joseph Banks Secondary College, as the Deputy Principal, and he has already contacted John to ask him if he could offer his services to his new school.

Matthew Purser,
Vet Co ordinator - WA College of Agriculture - Morawa

John Potter of Training Worx (Australia) was recommended to the College by Mark Pascoe VET Coordinator of Western Australian College of Agriculture-Narrogin to conduct training of our Training and Assessor staff for the TAE40110 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, here at the Western Australian College of Agriculture-Morawa.

The problem we had encountered was being able to get training completed without our Trainers having to be off site for extended periods of time. John solved this in providing onsite delivery on our Professional Development days and other days allocated for the delivery of training to the staff. This was of a huge benefit to us as it meant our staff were able to complete the competencies required without having to spend time travelling long distances to Geraldton or Perth.

John also contextualised the learning for the Agricultural College context and the staff were able to complete activities in their workplace setting. The way John breaks the learning down and assesses the learning style of each student meant that he paced their learning to meet their individual learning needs. Not only did this have a twofold benefit of the Trainers getting very explicit teaching and learning in their Certificate IV for Training and Assessment. This also meant it translated directly to the College farm workplace and has made the trainers highly effective in passing on their skills and knowledge, instructing the students at the College in their Certificates of Agriculture, Automotive and Engineering.

Johns precisely honed presentation skills and depth of knowledge of the subject matter is most certainly “second to none”. His sessions are highly informative are enjoyable, making the learning experience for our trainers an experience that they often recount and discuss.

John’s professional manner and commitment to our training is certainly appreciated by the College. John makes training available whether we have one staff member or many requiring training. The time and effort John spends at our College far exceeds what remuneration Training Worx (Australia) receives. I would highly recommend Training Worx Australia and have recently recommended John to Carnamah DHS and the North Midlands Project for the training of their staff and community members in the TAE40110 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.

Carmelo (Mel) Oliveri,
formerly SCEE (Southern Cross Electrical Engineering Limited)Training Manager and Moxi Pty Ltd - Compliance/Learning Development Coordinator

It is with pleasure that I write this letter of recommendation for Training Worx (Aust) Pty Ltd and Managing Director - John Potter.

My first encounter with John Potter was at the Southern Cross Electrical Engineering Limited (SCEE) Training Centre in 2012, where I was introduced to John by a training staff member that knew John from previous training engagements.

As the Training Manager for SCEE, I was immediately impressed with John's training expertise and experience to provide SCEE a customised and cost effective training service during an unprecedented construction project mobilisation schedule.

John provided myself and the Project Manager with a training strategy and service commitment to deliver Certificate IV in Frontline Management onsite, Cape Preston Northern WA during the weekends over 9 months to 17 SCEE staff.

The training service and outcomes exceeded expectations due to John's professionalism and the ability to customise the delivery and relevance for an individual and in a group to have maximum impact.

John Potter also delivered recognition of prior learning services to a number of SCEE staff which again John demonstrated flexibility and proficiency in the process.  Additionally, very supportive of the learner journey in the facilitation of Units of Competencies to achieve a qualification.

Most recent experience in engaging the services of John Potter and Training Worx was to complete my TAE40110 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment qualification to compliment my role as the Compliance/Learning Development Coordinator with Moxi Pty Ltd Registered Training Organisation specialising in Hazardous Area Training and Auditing Services.

John visited Moxi on several occasions to facilitate the recognition process and contextualise the required evidence for submission.  The recognition journey was both challenging and rewarding to achieve a training qualification in an efficient and comprehensive style to benefit myself and Moxi.  The Managing Director of Moxi was equally impressed with the professionalism and customer service John demonstrated throughout the visits.

John's key attribute is the professional connection he has with the learner and the organisation to provide an exclusive, flexible and high-quality cost-effective training service.

I have no hesitation in recommending Training Worx (Aust) Pty Ltd and John Potter as a professional Registered Training Organisation and a quality training facilitator to deliver a unique training service experience to the individual or organisation.



Lynn Hazelton,
BSW, Grad Dip Child Protection, DIP Training and Business - Director of Focus Services

Training Worx has proved to be of great value to the different organisations or teams that I have managed over the past 14 years. I first worked with this flexible and responsive organisation in 2004, as the incoming Manager of Training for the new Department for Child Protection (DCP). Due to a change in legislation, there was a need to transition a community skills training centre to a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) offering the Certificate IV in Child Protection. In this way, the DCP would be able to provide a suitably skilled workforce capable of delivering on their new statutory role across the state of WA.

After going to market for a suitable training partner,  Training Worx was contracted on the basis of meeting the essential value for money and probity considerations while being able to help design, develop and deliver a quality, flexible place based training strategy and methodology for the new departmental role.

The initial approach was to up-skill existing training centre staff in training and assessment, in order to then build the capacity to run an RTO capable of delivering a blended learning model to support child protection through over 500 field work candidates from our organisation and partners from the non-government sector.

This successful partnership with Training Worx Australia also helped the DCP to achieve a significant level of funding to further develop and deliver:

  • a flexible, on-the-job learning pathway and methodology to train new and existing staff from administration to management in the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment;
  • up-skilling of management through the uptake of the Diploma of Training, to help support and embed the overall quality assurance and business of the RTO, from the underpinning administration and quality learning management system, through the entire course build to getting the core qualification on scope;
  • the development of a whole of department and sector learning strategy, system and pathways to deliver a place based flexible training and assessment model.

This vital work would not have been possible without the responsive, professional and positive attitude that I have always experienced from Training Worx. I found they have a unique approach that is able to translate and make useful the otherwise complex and specialist language and concepts of the Australian Quality Training Framework. This attribute is strongly supported by a commitment to excellence and providing accessible and competency based training to people from all walks of life in a range of flexible ways. 

I have also worked with Training Worx successfully on other occasions. For example, building and delivering on a flexible site based training model in the Certificate IV Training and Business for mining companies in the Goldfields such as Norilsk Nickel or Monadelphous. Or for other employers with a focus on more social justice and equity learning outcomes for Aboriginal people. For example, as the then Regional Manager for an Aboriginal Workforce Development Centre, Training Worx Australia also advised and delivered on a flexible training model for Aboriginal people experiencing significant language barriers and poor education outcomes. This model ‘joining the dots’,  supported higher numbers of course completions and contributed to the winning of a Premiers Award for the then Department of Training and Workforce Development.

In all three situations, Training Worx helped to clearly define the learning needs, goals and design of the appropriate learning solution, training and assessment plan and methodology.  Given the resulting success of all three initiatives, starting with the build of the then Department of Child Protection RTO, I continue to have the confidence in Training Worx as a quality, responsive and flexible WA training provider. I still use the coaching and assessment model trialled with Training Worx in their early days, within a range of learning development situations today. From the corporate to the community, management to the consumer, or social work to the singer songwriter context.

This approach has also been proven to be highly effective with many Aboriginal people or other marginalised adult learners, especially in regional or remote areas and populations. Overall, this is one training provider that has the heart, skill, knowledge, flexibility and commitment to actually go that extra step to customise their learning methodology and tools to the unique learning needs of each person and organisation.

Their flexible mindset and responsive modelling, accessible delivery and assessment style, are the hallmarks of a training provider capable of making a positive difference in our state. I have no hesitation in recommending Training Worx now and into the future.

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