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TRAINING WORX (AUSTRALIA) PTY LTD (herein referred to as 'Training Worx') a dynamic Registered Training Organisation - RTO Provider number 52508 delivers Nationally Accredited Training in accordance with the RTO Standards 2015.

We have effectively qualified many satisfied participants from all walks of life (Mining/ Education/ Aged Care/ Hospitality/ Engineering/ Industry and the lists go on ....)

Training Worx offers unique, individualized, customized training, delivery and assessment that will assist the development of the individual and therefore increase profitability of the organisation as part of our distinctive, integrated process.

What our clients are saying ......

"This is one training provider that has the heart, skill, knowledge, flexibility and commitment to actually go that extra step to customise their learning methodology and tools to the unique learning needs of each person and organisation.

Their flexible mindset and responsive modelling, accessible delivery and assessment style, are the hallmarks of a training provider capable of making a positive difference in our state.

I have no hesitation in recommending Training Worx now and into the future."

Lynn Hazelton - BSW, Grad Dip Child Protection, DIP Training and Business -Director of Focus Services

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TAE40116 On Scope
TAE40116 Cert IV Training and Assessment is on our scope. We are offering several different Training and Assessment opportunities for your future training requirements.

Option 1:
TAE40116 Cert IV Training and Assessment - Full course – by assessment: RPL / Gap Training by Coaching and Mentoring (10 units)

Option 2:
To ensure that your TAE40110 meets the current requirements the following mandatory additional 2 core units are required:

TAEASS502 Design and develop assessment tools
TAELLN411 Address Adult language literacy and numeracyskills

Option 3:
RPL transition from TAE40110 to TAE40116:

When a trainee already has attained the current TAELLN411 Address Adult language literacy and numeracy skills and TAEASS502 Design and develop assessment tools, they need to be aware that:

• The Unit TAEASS401B - Plan assessment activities and processes has been superseded by TAEASS401 - Plan assessment activities and processes. These units are NOT equivalent due to increased assessment requirements for TAEASS401.

• The Unit TAEASS403B - Participate in assessment validation has been superseded by TAEASS403 - Participate in assessment validation. These units are NOT equivalent due to increased assessment requirements for TAEASS403.

Option 4:
TAESS00015 – Enterprise Trainer and Assessor Skill Set – 4 units
Our Promise to you ....
Our goal is to provide return on investment to the organisation through relevant, coach-mentor style training; industry specific examples and minimal disruption to production/work related activities.

Employees will quickly apply their new knowledge and skill set to their work related roles providing a win-win situation to both the individual and the organisation.

We tailor training and development delivery to suit workplace rosters, locations and timeframes.

We work with organisations and individuals to identify opportunities to streamline training and minimise costs through initiatives including:

• Tailored training programs

• Traineeships/ Apprenticeships

• Coach/Mentor style delivery

• Accessing government funding

Whilst it is not compulsory to acquire the new TAE40116 bear in mind that by updating you will show a commitment to currency within your field and this demonstrates continual professional development that is valued highly in training and assessment roles

For further information regarding your training needs call or email us and find out if your organisation may be eligible for government funded employer subsidies including payroll tax exemptions – currently at 5.5%.

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