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BSB40215 Certificate IV in Business

Qualification Description:

This qualification is suited to those working as administratiors and project officers.  In this role, individuals use well-developed skills and broad knowledge base to apply solutions to a defined range of unpredictable problems and analyse information from a variety of sources.  They may provide leadership and guidance to others with some limited responsibility for the output of others.

All courses/programs are conducted with:

  • A non-threatening learning and assessment environment
  • Recognition of existing skills, knowledge and applications in the work environment
  • Engagement and participation with others
  • Training materials
    • The ability to complete their learning in a workplace or environment that is familiar to them
    • One to one additional hours for extra training
    • Contextualisation of materials to suit the individual
    • IT support to help with the use of technology
    • The provision of individual training and assessment plans (coaching and mentoring)
    • Support throughout the program from their trainer assessor
    • Access to templates for contextualisation and consistency in the workplace
    • A training room of choice, at the client’s site/location of choice.
    • Training rooms provided by the client, that are available at site/location. These rooms can be set up as training spaces in open plan, theatre style, small group layout, meeting style or a variety of other options that mimic the workplace requirements -
  • Adherence to policies and procedures of that workplace. Learners will be expected to complete an induction and housekeeping familiarisation for their organisation.
  • Direct access to the current version of the units of competency and the relevant Training Package
  • Access to assessment instruments used for this program
  • Access to LLN instruments if (necessary)
  • Access to learning materials used for this program

In addition

  • Each candidate will be given a learners needs checklist and a learner styles questionnaire to determine if they need any specialised assistance with their learning.
  • Where a special and/or specific need is identified reasonable adjustment in either or both the training and/or assessment program will be made to meet the client requirement bearing in mind that the rules must be adhered to but a creative approach should be considered.
  • Inclusivity of all participants and their welfare is an essential component of the delivery, facilitation and assessment of this training program.