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Student Support

Language, Literacy & Numeracy (LL&N):

The Training Package highlights specific Australian Core Skills Framework (ACSF) levels of LL&N, participants must have sufficient LL&N skills to be able to read workplace safety signs, safe operating policy and procedures.

Where LL&N is determined to be less than the standard requirement, participants and (where appropriate) employers are notified for the LL&N need to be addressed prior to continuation of the training and assessment program.

A pre course questionnaire is available to all participants prior to commencement of course.

This precourse questionnaire will be used to determine if the participant/s have any type of learning difficulties that prevent the participant to meet the minimum level of LL&N requirement.

LL&N concerns are to be identified and notified prior to formal course enrolment / commencement

Once the LLN assessment outcome is finalised, the student receives feedback informing them if LLN support is required.

Where a student’s LLN levels are identified as being lower than the specified requirements for the course, TRAINING WORX (AUST) PTY LTD will:


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